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Chometz Free Pesach for Farbstein Street Residents

“Chometz is batel b’shishim (nullified in sixty) only before Pesach.

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 at 3:32 am
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For the first time, residents of Farbstein Street in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Yerushalayim, were able to spend Pesach at home without having to worry about possible flour particles in the air entering into their food and drink.

This challenge is unique for the Farbstein Street residents whose homes are located next to a flour mill, which thankfully isn’t in operation this year.

The residents told Kikar HaShabbat that for years airborne flour particles caused them hardship during the year, however, as Pesach approached, huge controversy arose. Many residents felt that it was impossible to remain at home, since the airborne flour entered their food and drink, causing them to become chometzdik.

Resident Yitzchok Dreich explained the serious Halachic problem: “If the window was open and I was preparing a cup of coffee, flour particles would settle in my drink, making the drink chometz. This caused me to leave my house every Pesach.”

Dreich added that throughout the year the mill caused many problems. There was an inordinate amount of dust in the homes, and in some homes the floor was covered in white flour. There was a significant difference in the amount of dust in our neighborhood and other sections of Givat Shaul. The residents spoke with Rabbonim who agreed that there is a problem, but offered no solution.

“Chometz is batel b’shishim (nullified in sixty) only before Pesach. During Pesach chometz isn’t nullified even by one thousand. A short while after washing the floor, a hand touching the floor would become white from from the flour. If I was drinking a coffee, the airborne flour particles falling into the cup would render the drink chometzdik.”


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