• Forgot to Say Morid HaTal? Here’s What to Do

    These dinim are especially pertinent at the start of the “Morid HaTal” season

  • Don’t Forget to Make an Eiruv Tavshilin

    This eruv consists of a matzah and something cooked

  • Credit: Shutterstock. com

    Veteran Mashgiach Sues Manischewitz and the OU

    “I believe this is a breach of public trust. I just couldn’t handle it”

  • Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm: To Peel or Not to Peel

    Many households only consume those fruits and vegetables that can be peeled

  • I’m Not Sure I Said “Yaaleh V’yovo. What to Do?

    Learn the Halochos with Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm

  • Screen Shot

    Rabbi Yosef Rules: No Cover Ups in Shidduchim

    During his address the rabbi broached the issue of matchmaking

  • Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm on Kitniyos on Pesach

    Click play and join Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm’s weekly Halacha shiur

  • Kobi Gideon Flash 90 /Ynet

    Get Refuser’s Tycoon Father Sentenced to 30 Days in Prison

    In a 45 page psak din, the dayanim point to the father as the active and main deterrent

  • Parshas Ki Sisa: Examining a Purim Food Minhag

    Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm presents his weekly video shiur

  • Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com

    Texting Etiquette: Do It Right

    Be concise: Save Megillas Esther for Purim


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    Texting Etiquette: Do It Right

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    Charging Cellphones in Bed is Dangerous

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    Watch: Drone Caught in Police Drone Net

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    Amazing: Watch a Man Float in the Air

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    Viewed: Serious Accident on Camera

  • A TSA agent searches luggage at an airport. (12MP camera, NO model release, editorial only)

    FAA to Passengers: No Spare Batteries

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    President Rivlin Hosts SpaceIL Members

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    Finally: The Facebook “Dislike” Button is Coming

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    Apple’s 12.9 Inch iPad Pro Unveiled

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    IDF Attacks Hamas Positions, B”H No IDF Casualties

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    Six Torches, Six Survivors, Six Stories, Six Miracles

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    Avrohom Fried Lights Up Souls in Ukraine

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    Finnish Baby Boxes Reduce Infant Mortality

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